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Prescription drugs are meant to offer relief to suffering patients. They are not supposed to cause harm. However, the process sometimes goes terribly wrong, resulting in injury, illness and even death. At Alexander Shunnarah, Personal Injury Attorneys, we have the knowledge and experience to handle large-scale defective drug litigation against negligent manufacturers. Our tenacious lawyers have won significant results against pharmaceutical companies and can marshal the necessary scientific and factual evidence to confront the biggest foes. We know how to handle large mass tort matters efficiently and understand how long these complicated cases can take. You can be assured that you won’t be charged for legal fees until and unless you obtain a recovery.

Our team of attorneys can help represent you for any of the following defective device claims:

Diligent attorneys uncover compliance lapses by drug manufacturers

Most prescription drugs have a positive use, but design flaws, manufacturing errors and labeling problems can do serious damage. Sometimes, key information only comes to light after a pharmaceutical has entered the market. These errors and oversights can lead to:

  • Unintended overdose — A drug is only safe when the correct amount is administered. Even after drugs undergo extensive testing, companies might not have accounted for individual body variations when setting a recommended dosage.
  • Dangerous interactions — With so many different pharmaceuticals on the market, it can be difficult to anticipate how one medication will react with another that a person is taking. Even if two prescriptions have no harmful impact when taken separately, combining them can cause serious and permanent damage.
  • Extreme side effects — By now, people are familiar with the long lists of side effects that are usually identified in prescription drug commercials. However, not every side effect is identified, and sometimes potential effects that sound relatively harmless pose a serious risk.

Our attorneys have detailed knowledge of FDA rules and regulations. In drug liability cases, we conduct comprehensive investigations to determine whether these guidelines were followed strictly. We also understand gaps in the regulatory system that enable drugs to be approved despite posing real danger.  In a free initial consultation, we can provide an overview regarding your specific case so you can make informed decisions moving forward.

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At Alexander Shunnarah, Personal Injury Attorneys, we advocate for victims of faulty pharmaceutical products in litigation around the United States. Our firm has offices in Birmingham, Atlanta and numerous other cities. Please call 800-505-9951 or contact us online to schedule a free initial consultation.


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